Sunday, November 11, 2007

Welcome Home Franklin!

Since I have been able to keep my plants alive for the past several years, I decided I needed a new challenge....a dog. I've been thinking about it a lot ever since my parent's dog passed away. It seemed odd for no one in the family to have a dog. So, I dragged Kate to the humane society where we didn't find any small dogs. Then, I found a fantastic organization called Pets Inc. They really take good care of their dogs and they had tons to choose from. That's when I stumbled upon a young poodle named Franklin. Well, I named him Franklin, he had some girly name at the shelter that did not fully encompass his manly sophistication, thus the name change. Anyways, he was a lost dog that someone brought in and I was second on the list to get him and the first lady never showed up, so now he is MINE. He is 1-2 years old and a purebred poodle. I never thought I would be a poodle person, but this little guy is adorable, well behaved and super sweet.

I guess I'll update you on the job search and school, while I'm at it. The job search is going. I wouldn't say going well, but it is going. So far, I have interviewed with five companies and no second interviews yet. I'm not too worried yet, I'll start freaking out in january. School is good. I am doing really well gradewise and some of the projects are pretty cool. I am actually doing a consulting project where I create a customer satisfaction program for Ingersoll Rand. It's been pretty crazy, but I think it's finally coming together and they will be really happy with the results. Other than that, I'm taking a branding class that is pretty cool and marketing research which is much less cool, boo statistics. That's about it. I'll try and update this on a more regular basis:)

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