Friday, September 7, 2007

See Ya Lyon, Hello Columbia!

And...I'm the US. finally!
Part 1: The BIG Move
The move out of france went ok. I ended up having to buy yet another giant bag to put all my stuff in. My last day at work was pretty cool, I finished up my final project and my coworkers threw a champagne party for me at lunch and I got a computer bag. It was fun, but I was pretty stressed out about getting everything ready for the move. Really, I was trying to figure out how I could possibly get three bags and me on the bus, on the train and then on the plane. All the frenchies in Lyon had comments for me and all my suitcases. Are you going on vacation? How are you going to move all those bags? A nun helped me get them on the bus, then another lady helped me get them off (she felt karmically obligated to help me since her own daughter had done a study abroad in england and had a lot of bags too). Some guy who probably weighed less than me decided to be a gentleman and helped me get the bags on the train (this involves lifting two 70 lb bags above your head to get them on the shelves which i really didn't want to do, obviously).
At the airport i got lost trying to find my hotel, then i had to make a maintenance guy help me up the escalator with my stuff. But everything worked out, I found the hotel and went to sleep. I woke up bright and early at 5am to get checked in for my flight. It would have all gone smoothly, except for the the fact that I got stuck in an elevator and had to PRY OPEN THE DOORS WITH MY BARE HANDS. Yes, I pressed the emergency button, and I told some guy in french that i was stuck, but no one came. So i had to take matters into my own hands before i started freaking out hard core. The good news is I finally got on the plane and thanks to my uncle jeff, i got to go back home first class. It was awesome!

Part 2: The Return
The return was basically mayhem. I got into ATL, met my parents, woke up in the morning and had to drive to Columbia, move all my stuff, get the lock off my storage unit (to this day, no one knows where the key is), go to class and try not to speak jet lag gibberish (which I did anyways). It was a mess and it took me a week to recover from everything, but now I am feeling pretty great. I've seen my friends and family and am settling into classes. Right now, my schedule seems pretty easy, I'm just waiting for the wave of work to knock me down. Hopefully it will be ok. But i will continue to update the blog when I can, so stay tuned.