Sunday, March 29, 2009

Spring into....something.

The real question is how many blogs I can start with "still in limbo"? I keep thinking things can't get weirder, but they do. This week we had one person, ONE, on vacation and it was nuts at work keeping up with his work and my work. It's a scary vision of the future if one more person leaves. Unless that person is me:) Just kidding. Even though I would be excited to start something new or move somewhere new or you know, actually KNOW what my life would be like next month, I would feel awful to leave my team with all the extra work. At this point, if someone else leaves the work would be almost insurmountable.

The lady who sits in the cube next to me got let go on friday. The mood was not what you would expect. She was ECSTATIC. She was jumping up and down and whooping. It definitely made getting let go seem like more of a reality. Anyways, the rumor is that more people are getting let go in April. scary.

The good news is I may have convinced my boss to let me move to either Dallas or DC and continue doing my current job. He has to figure out if it's legal for me to work at a verizon office if I'm technically working for both verizon and alltel. The other good news is I'm having lots of interviews with verizon for other positions, so hopefully one of those will come to fruition soon.

In non-work related news, my 10 mile cherry blossom run is next week! I get to go to DC and visit with my friends natallie and kate whom I love to death. It should be really fun minus the body beating I'm going to take at the race. I think I'm ready though. Then, after that I work for a few days and then leave to go visit the Lequires and see their beautiful new baby and play at the beach in charleston. It should definitely be a great time!

Sunday, February 22, 2009

In limbo - still

Who knew that my life would be in limbo for the entire time I've lived here?

It's really interesting to be on the inside of a merger. I randomly took a class in grad school about mergers and aquisitions. We analyzed completed mergers and labeled them successful or unsuccessful and decided whether "synergies" were acheived. I never thought I would be on the other side as an employee. It's absolutely insane. Every single day is different. Some days I have nothing to do and I get two emails, but other days I am running around trying to get info for verizon and run the alltel side of the business. My media content team went from 12 to 5. Everyone has left and it feels like a ghost town on my floor. Friends who used to work next to me have been divested, moved to another building and no longer have access to my building. I have to be careful about what I say. I am classified as a shared resource which means I work for alltel and verizon. I can't tell verizon about alltel info and I can't tell alltel about verizon info. It gets really complicated when you have alltel, shared and verizon employees all in the same meeting.

The worst part is I have no new information besides that I am now a verizon employee and my benefits are changing. I still have no idea when or if my job is going away. I have heard everything from may to september to you'll be an employee forever if I have my way. It's incredibly disheartening. How are you supposed to plan your life? How do you even sign a lease? make vacation plans? know how much you need to save? How do you establish relationships if you're leaving?

As I said before, people are dropping like flies. Members of my team are now handling the jobs of three people when they were already super busy with the one position. My boss is leaving, her boss left already, and my new boss lives and works in dallas. So who do I even report to right now? It has been difficult to engage our counterparts at Verizon, but it seems to be coming together finally. Emails are getting answered and phone calls have been set up.

The good news is my fear has grown into apathy. I have accepted that I don't know my future at all. I'm trying to just take it day by day.