Friday, December 29, 2006

The goal of the day is to not get anything else blown up...

Alright, plane ride was fun and long, but first class all the way, woo hoo! Thank you uncle jeff for working at Delta. I managed to navigate Charles de Gaulle and met Nanda at her gate, then we waited for Samantha and the Lequires. And 6 hours later we finally left for our new apartments. Unfortunately, one of Samantha's bags did not make it with us. So, after waiting for 2 hours in the cold at the bus stop with all of our bags, we finally got in contact with someone at the airport who could actually help us, since the airport lost and found decided that Dec. 28th was an excellent day to not be open. Unfortunately, the person at the airport gave us the sad news that Samantha's bag had been blown up about fifteen minutes before. Yes, that's right, they BLEW UP HER BAG!
We should have just taken this as a sign and gone back to the airport, but no we decided to check out the apartment. Little did we know that 650 euros gets you a room with a smaller than twin bed a microwave and minifridge and unlimited use of the communal turkish toilets. For those of you not familiar with turkish toilets, it is a whole in the ground with two steps for your feet, so that you can squat over said hole as you do your business. Now, I'm not a feminist, but I know that a man invented this catastrophe of a toilet because any woman who's used one will tell you that it is absolutely impossible to not pee on your feet while you do this. Not even if you leverage yourself by hanging on to the door handle. You just have to accept your fate and wash your shoes later. Lucky for me, when my friend's wife saw the room, she made him leave immediately to find another place, so for a little bit extra I got to move into a room with an actual toilet. Now the only problem is the bathroom has no door.
Today, was much better. I finally slept after 36 hours of being awake and we went out on the town. I also inadvertently got into a fight with a pigeon. Don't worry, I won. It was pretty scary though, since they're about as big as cats. I stepped on him and then jumped and then stepped on him again. This went on for a good twenty seconds while my friends stood back and laughed. I was basically in hysterics by the time it was over. But, we saw the louvre and I bought a hair dryer, so my life is now complete.

Wednesday, December 27, 2006

The Atlanta Airport + me = let's go to paris!

So, here I am waiting to see if my plan to fly standby to Paris will actually work. But it's looking good so far, since my bag was overweight and the guy at the ticket counter let it slide. He said it was his christmas present to me. Who's glad their sister made them wear makeup today? ME! Anyways, I'm pretty nervous and a little sweaty. I'm supposed to meet up with Nanda, Samantha and the Lequires once I arrive in gay Paris. They are in aerogare 1, and I arrive in aerogare 2. But with the help of Nanda, I have thought of a fantastic plan to get me to the bar where we are meeting. It basically involves me saying "Je voudrais bar?" ( i would like bar) and then pointing to her email that has the name of the bar and possible making noises and gestures like I was drinking at said bar. I'm full of great ideas.
Moving on, once I get to Paris, the plan is to hang out for a few days and embarass myself as I adjust to the culture/language. Then, some of Team Spain will help us ring in the new year. After that, I'll be skiing at the Massif Central avec Jason and the Lequires. And then visit my british friend in London the 5th-7th. School starts the 10th. Alright, about to board. More stories to come!